• This guy (Bruce Angeloszek) and his service is worth his weight in gold. For his quoted price, he got all the permits necessary to hook up our new, whole-home emergency generator from our town, added the equipment, wires and initially, battery necessary to make sure it ran, and now maintains it. I’ve always gotten a […]

      —Beth B – Bethel CT

    • Following the sage advice of my 94-year-old father that the most important thing about a generator purchase is the service that comes with it, I joined Angie’s List to find a contractor who came highly recommended.  The very positive and detailed reviews led me to Bruce Angeloszek and CT Electrical Services.  I couldn’t be more pleased. I sent him […]

      —Judith B _ West Hartford CT

      CT Electrical Services

    • Bruce was everything you’d want in provider. He was prompt In his response to my first call and ever additional contact. I have confidence in his recommendations on the size of the generator and several additional decisions I had to make. The installation was quick and professional. I look forward to having him service our […]

      —Judith R _ Bethany CT

      CT Electrical Services

    • Bruce, I wanted to thank you for installing the Generlink system to my house. After only two weeks of having it we lost power due to a car knocking down a utility pole. Over 5,000 people were without power for 8 hours but not me I rolled out my generator and with one plug my […]

      —Douglas S – New Milford

      CT Electrical Services

    •   Bruce and team installed a 20KW Generac generator to power my entire home. Bruce and his team did an excellent job and were wonderful to work with.  I had called a few other generator companies that were also highly rated on Angie’s List but Bruce offers a unique service at a competitive price.  He […]

      —Michael Fazzari – Weston, CT 06883

    • 20 KW Generac Whole home Stand by system Bruce, as owner of CT Electrical , spearheaded the complete installation of a generator system for my home…Importantly, he served as “Quarterback”for the entire installation process including contracting the propane gas company and coordinating that part of the job, as well as procuring the generator and performing […]

      —Gary Lynch – Greenwich CT

      CT Electrical Services

    • Bruce from CT Electric is a homeowners dream!  He returns calls, does what he says he will do, does it on schedule, is proactive, and tries to save the homeowner money. I called several contractors to install a generator and cut-over switch because we loose power frequently at my home.  Most of them were hard […]

      —Generlink automatic transfer switch and generac generator installed Grandbury CT

      CT Electrical Services - 203-723-9052

    • 12 kw Solar System This went great.  I had no idea where to start with solar installation.  I had done some reading on the internet, but then decided to use a highly rated Angie’s list contractor.  I am glad I did.  Bruce, the owner, led us through each step of the way.  He made it […]

      —Andrade Family – Suffield CT – 12 kw Solar System

      CT Electrical Services - 203-723-9052

    • An exemplary electrician Does an electrical contractor really deserve mention in a tribute to craftsmanship? Absolutely! When I first met Bruce Angeloszek, the owner of CT Electrical (, he and his crew were wiring the empty machine shop that would become the headquarters for Dr. Energy Saver, in Seymour, CT. While I was busy building office […]

      —Believe in Craftsmanship by Tim Snyder “Out Of Hand”

      CT Electrical Services

    • I had been researching solar systems for over six months’ time. I wanted to make sure I was not wrong in believing that my investment in a solar system was truly an investment and would allow my family to become more self-sufficient in energy production.  Our energy needs had grown since building an addition on […]

      —The Lynch Family – Enfield CT

      CT Electrical Services

    • Bruce Angeloszek of CT Electrical Systems was extremely responsive, completed the work promptly and efficiently, was attentive to details, and was very easy to work with. Bruce is a skilled professional and I would gladly recommend him to others seeking similar services.

      —Bill C_Woodbridge CT 8/2013

      CT Electrical Services - 203-723-9052

    • If you want the best Generac stand-by generator installation around, look no further.  A tad pricier than the competition (though still competitive) but you get what you pay for.  And don’t get me wrong, the price for service was more than fair considering how much effort went into this project – our electrical system is a nightmare. Bruce […]

      —Mary R – Cos Cob – 7/26/13

      CT Electrical Services - 203-723-9052

    •   After doing extensive research on solar installers I contacted Bruce from CT Electrical Services about installing an off the grid solar system. He responded quickly and when he came to the house for the initial survey I was very impress with his knowledge, confidence, and passion for his profession. He took care of getting […]

      —Jorge – Winsted, CT 7/13 Off Grid Pole Mount System

      CT Electrical Services

    • Competent, courteous, reliable, efficient, and honest – what more could you ask? Bruce Angeloszek of CT Electrical Services is all of this, and more. From the point of first contact and the proposal to the installation of our Generac 20kw generator, Bruce and his associates made us feel comfortable and kept us completely informed every […]

      —Peter & Bozena – Oxford, CT Installed June 2013

      CT Electrical Services

    • Bruce Angeloszek, the owner, did all the work in a timely fashion and was very responsive to all our questions. When the work was completed, he walked through the whole process of running the generator. We have a complex system because we have solar panels with battery back up and Bruce had to integrate the […]

      —Mulhern – Redding CT 6/10/13

      CT Electrical Services

    • Bruce did everything right: he replied to my initial email and all subsequent emails quickly, provided a detailed quote, scheduled in a reasonable time, and performed the work exactly as planned. At no time in the process did I have doubt we would be happy with his work because his professionalism appears in all aspects […]

      —James Tuk 5/20/2013 Beacon Falls CT

      CT Electrical Services

    • I recently hired Bruce Angeloszek Owner of CT Electrical to install a GenerLink on my home to hook up a portable generator during power outages.  Bruce was great to deal with.  He quickly responded to any emails I sent or phone calls I made to him.  He fully explained what he was going to do and […]

      —Forrest B, Burlington CT

      CT Electrical Services

    • Bruce Angeloszek of CT Electrical recently installed a 20 kw whole house stand by system generator at my house. He handled the entire job, coordinating the excavation and burying of the propane tank, the delivery of the propane, getting the town permits and setting up the inspection after it was completed. Everything was done in […]

      —Debbie P. – Woodbridge CT

      CT Electrical Services - 203-723-9052

    • I hired Bruce’s Company CT Electrical Services to fix some electrical problems so I can sell my house.   He was knowledgeable, professional and very personable, which always helps.  His prices were very fair and significantly less than a competitor’s quote.  Best of all he didn’t nickel and dime me when he encountered some unexpected challenges.  I will be sure to hire […]

      —Jeremy – Seymour CT

    • We had a 20 kilowatt solar panel system installed at our house. At the beginning of the project we were very unsure about what type of system, what tye of set up and the actual size of the project.  Bruce was very thorough in explaining the different options we had, as well as taking the time […]

      —Anthony Dorso – Prospect, CT

      CT Electrical Services

    • At the beginning of the project we were very unsure about what type of system, what tye of set up and the actual size of the project.  Bruse was very thorough in explaining the different options we had, as well as taking the time to answer any question we may have had.  When we finally decided […]

      —Anthony Dorso 3/13

      CT Electrical Services - 203-723-9052

    • I contacted Bruce from ct electrical services about my ever increasing electric bill. He installed a system that would produce 90% of my electric usage ( roof could not fit more panels ). In the summer months it produces more than I use so it actually banks or credits me hours which are listed on […]

      —Edward Shaw 1/11/13

      CT Electrical Services - 203-723-9052

    • Jason Friedman I had asked Bruce for a quote on installing a standby generator after reading great reviews on Angie’s List but then decided that I was going to put the project off for a year or two. I currently have a portable generator that came with the house I purchased 8 months ago which […]

      —Jason Friedman 1/08/2013

      CT Electrical Services - 203-723-9052

    • Work Completed Date: December 14, 2012 I recently upgraded to a new Generac generator, and Bruce and CT Electrical Services did their usual excellent job with this. Jobs that CT Electrical Services has done for me in the past include: complete rewiring of house in conjunction with a large construction/addition job; installing outdoor lighting outlets, […]

      —Earl G – Woodbridge 12/30/2012

      CT Electrical Services

    • Bruce at CT electrical services came out within 2hrs of me calling him on a Sunday afternoon! By chance he was in the Greenwich area, getting his customers’ Belle Haven generators fully prepared before Sandy. I wanted to get a basic gas powered portable generator (Generac 6500e) connected to my house electrical supply, in case […]

      —Andrew A – Greenwich, CT 12/2012

      CT Electrical Services - 203-723-9052

    • Bruce installed a manual electrical transfer switch and outside three-prong outlet, to connect a large portable generator. He arrived at my house exactly on time this week, and had the work completed in about an hour. He explained exactly how the transfer switch works, and when and how to use it, plus left his phone […]

      —Peter M – Prospect, CT 12/19/12

    • Bruce and his team provided me portable generators as a back-up to my normal service. He helped me configure the system to work off my existing electrical service on the weekend before Hurricane Sandy. He inspected my service and ensured it was completely safe to operate. Bruce is a consumate professional. He answered the phone on my first call […]

      —Garry G – Milford, CT 12/2012

    • Bruce and his team installed a manual transfer switch and generator outlet, as well as a dedicated electrical outlet for my sump pump. Having had lost power for 8 days due to Hurricane Sandy, I decided it was time to make some changes so it wouldn’t happen again. I wanted to install a manual transfer […]

      —Chris K – Norwalk CT 12/17/2012

    • December 7, 2012 Bruce Angeloszek and his company CT Electrical have been a real pleasure to deal with and  I have only superlative things to say about my recent generator installation experience.  I initially met with Bruce on a Friday and by the following Monday he had delivered and installed it!  He very thoroughly described different options […]

      —Sharon, Westport CT_ 17kw Whole home Generac generator

      CT Electrical Services - 203-723-9052

    • 11/2012 Installation of whole house generator and transfer panel Comments: Bruce Angeloszek and his crew were prompt and courteous on this installation. Bruce’s expertise and confidence were a critical factor in my choice of vendors for this work. I reviewed the quotes of several area companies and was very pleased with my choice of  Bruce. […]

      —Charles Thomas – Naugutuck -

      CT Electrical Services

    • 11/2012 Installed 10k grid tied solar pv system   Description Of Work: Overall job was for installation of solar photovoltaic electrical generation system to supplement our electrical usage. Process included: 1. Initial site visit to determine feasability of using solar at our site and to take the appropriate measurements to determine the size and capacity […]

      —Thomas R Pratt – Somers CT

      CT Electrical Services

    • 11/5/2010 Installed a generator hook-up on the side of the house and an electrical outlet in the basement Comments: We decided to install a generator hook-up on our house before winter this year.  When we have work done on the house, we usually call several companies and compare prices but we actually didn’t do that […]

      —11/5/2012 Angela ~ Trumbull, CT 06611

    • October 7, 2012 Description Of Work: Solar Panels Reinstall of solar panel wiring from the roof into the house and reinstall of inverter.  Also installed surge protection for solar and whole house. Member Comments:  We lost our solar electrical power inverter in a storm. CT Electrical (Bruce) came in and evaluated the system and provided a […]

      —Ed Bogan

    • October 13, 2012 Description Of Work:  Electrical Work New 200 Amp Service, Complete rewire and lighting for 1300 square foot first floor and 900 square foot basement (only two circuits remained from old system).  Also included moving some wiring going to the second floor.  Included wiring for new heating system, wired smoke detectors, outdoor lighting […]

      —Ed Bogan

      CT Electrical Services

    • John Disko – A year review after installing solar Over a year ago. I was looking for somebody to integrate pv solar panels into my existing grid-tied battery back-up system. After trying several solar companies in the area, I came across Bruce Angeloszek and CT Electrical Services. All the other companies simply “threw up their […]

      —John Disko – A year review after installing solar

      CT Electrical Services

    • Electrical Service trouble Ten days ago I awoke to a potential electrical catastrophe.  I was given the name of an electrician in town, didn’t have as much as a call back in three days. I was given Bruce’s name by my nephew, I called him at 9:00AM, within 15 minutes he called back, was at my house […]

      —Brian and Nita A, Oxford, CT

    • We were extremely pleased with the professionalism and work quality of CT Electrical/CT Energy in installing our generator.

      —Susan Anton ~ Woodbridge ~ Generator

      CT Electrical Services

    • Description Of Work: CT Electrical Services completed various light replacement as well as new light installation jobs at our house, both indoors and outdoors.(The amount spent which is noted above does not include fixtures) Member Comments: I found Bruce Angeloszek, CTElectrical Services on your website and called him to get estimates on a number of […]

      —Candace Crowley

    • One year ago CT Solar/Electrical directly installed the following Solar Panels Generator with associated junction box and integrated wiring. All Electrical associated with the above.   In addition the CT project manager coordinated the following which was associated with the complete project Solar Thermal (for all hot water needs). Complete New Roof job including dormer and […]

      —One year later ~ What a customer has to say

    • Neil Mulhern Work Completed Date: February 22, 2012 Hire Again: Yes Description Of Work: Bruce Angeloszek, the owner of CT electric, installed PV solar panels and battery back up generator. Also, staged for solar thermal installation. Comments: Bruce Angeloszek was professional and did excellent work. He explained everything in detail along with Erik Anderson, one […]

      —Neil Mulhern

      CT Electrical Services

    • Just a note to tell you how happy we were with your services provided February 2009. Initially Basement Systems provided your name to connect our new sump pump for their WaterGuard system. In addition to this you also provided new lights, heating, and outlets. You were very helpful and pleasant while also being mindful of our budget. We will use you again for any electrical work and highly recommend you to others :-) Cyndianne G., Westport, CT

      —Cyndianne G., Westport, CT

    • I would not hesitate to recommend your company. That confidence comes not only from the performance of the [solar PV] system but also from the care your crew took to make sure the job was done properly with attention to the fine details. And they did it safely which was a real challenge given our […]

      —Alfred J., New Haven, CT

    • I used CT Electrical Services for my home’s solar and geothermal heating. Bruce and his crew are professional, timely, and responsive. I am impressed with their determination to solve complex problems and work with their customers until they are fully satisfied. I would strongly recommend them to anyone else considering this type of substantial investment […]

      —Doug R., Cheshire, CT

    • Thank you for the great service you recently provided when you upgraded our electrical service and helped us install air conditioning. We are very grateful for your flexibility in having your guys come over the next day before the hot weather started. John S., Trumbull, CT

      —John S., Trumbull, CT

    • I want to express our 110% satisfaction with the work your company did upgrading our old fuse based service panel to circuit breakers. We went from a 100 amp to 200 amp service plus had the interlock switch for our generator installed into the electrical system while at it. CT Electrical was top notch at […]

      —John & Sharon H., Prospect, CT

    • Bruce, We would like to thank CT Electrical Services for the excellent work you performed on our house. The installation of the solar panels, the upgrade to 200 amps and the wiring for our generator and spa has been top notch. We could not be more pleased with not only CT Electrical Servcies, but also […]

      —Frank & Valerie D., Seymour, CT

    • May 15, 2012 Hello, I wanted to reply that we are extremely satisfied with the walkway lighting that was installed by CT Electrical Services. Sean was extremely professional from the time he contacted us to come out and see our walkway. He explained how the lights were to be installed, what we would need to […]

      —Suzanne & Stan S., Shelton, CT

    • Hello,  I wanted to reply that we are extremely satisfied with the walkway lighting that was installed by CT Energy.  Sean was extremely professional from the time he contacted us to come out and see our walkway.  He explained how the lights were to be installed, what we would need to purchase and gave his […]

      —Suzanne & Stan Szerszen 5/15/2012

    • CT Solar Services is a great company to work with.  They installed a solar pv system at my home and we were very happy with all the guys that had a part in the project. Eric was very good with explaining things and with follow up calls, he always was patient with all our questions. […]

      —Kathy from Meriden, CT

    • Dear Bruce, Thanks for everything. The installation of our new generator is complete and ready to go if needed. This was a difficult decision for us but you helped guide us to find the right one for our family and house.  Your team is perhaps the most professional group of “blue collar” guys I have […]

      —Joe Cretella Milford, CT

    • I give Bruce Angeloszek a “two thumbs up” for his wonderful service. He was responsive to my call, diagnosed our electrical issues skillfully, fixed our problem, and charged a reasonable fee. On top of his excellent service and depth of electrical knowledge, he is a wonderful trustworthy person. I give him my highest recommendation. Mary […]

      —Mary Gorham_Homeowner – Woodbridge, CT

    • December 7, 2011 Once again, Bruce and his team have proven to me how dependable and professional they are. During the Halloween snowstorm and power failure, I asked Bruce if he might have any generators available. Not only did he reply that he did, but he shows up at my house on Monday night at […]

      —Bill and Fran M., Beacon Falls, CT

    • October 15, 2011 I just received my electric bill. My previous bill was $350.93. My new bill is $24.91. Keep in mind my service was not turned on until sometime after the billing cycle period. I can’t wait to see my next bill which will be 100% on the new system. WOW I am amazed. […]

      —Ed S., Milford, CT

    • September 15, 2011 I’m glad I came back and had your company install my solar pv system, after exploring and dealing with the larger solar pv installer. All they had time for was, “when was I going to sign the contract” …? You know, Bruce, this took me about a year in research and trying […]

      —Ramiro B., Oxford, CT

    • July 17, 2011 Hi Bruce, I wanted to thank you and let you know that my solar experience with CT Electrical Services was incredible. I spent a great deal of time considering the different solar providers and I crossed my fingers and hoped I had made the right decision when I selected CTES. Well, I […]

      —Robert B., Milford, CT

    • July 5, 2011 Bruce, with our new PV system humming along under the hot sun of the past few days we wanted to let you know that we thought your installation crew did a great job. They were courteous, accommodating of our schedules, careful, neat, friendly, respectful, and safety conscious. I would recommend them again […]

      —Al J., New Haven, CT

    • January 8, 2011 The technicians from CT Electrical were knowledgeable, professional, and friendly all throughout the installation process, from initial information session to final completion. We never once felt as if our numerous questions were an inconvenience to them, rather the technicians took the time and encouraged us to ask and gain knowledge about the […]

      —Peter P. and Family, Oxford, CT

    • December 13, 2010 CT Electrical Services did a great job adding to the solar system they had installed a year ago. It looks and functions great – I can’t wait till summer! Larry J., Middlebury, CT

      —Larry J., Middlebury, CT

    • Another Happy Solar Customer – April 4, 2010 My highest electric bill was $3000. I just paid my lowest. $1097. This stuff works! Thanks.

      —Larry J., Middlebury, CT

    • CT Electrical provided electrical services for a solar energy system we recently had installed. Their work was thorough, neat, timely and efficient. Mr. Angeloszek provided fair and reasonable estimates, and stuck by them throughout the course of his service. The Solar System is performing flawlessly. While performing his contracted services, Mr. Angeloszek noted a few […]

      —David L. and Constance W. , Morris, CT

    • September 18, 2011 Another strong thank-you for Lincoln Reed (and his side-kick Nick) for their work Friday in installing a cooling fan for our refrigerator. Lincoln figured out the best way to solve our problem and also found precisely the best fan. The result is “perfect”. Many thanks…. Also Lincoln (who had worked here the […]

      —Dr. James M., Shelton, CT

    • September 9, 2011 Lincoln was here today and did an excellent job!! Our two kitchen lights now work properly after his deft work. The dining room fixture required some imagination because the problem involved a stripped thread. Lincoln guessed that an electrical nut in his tool box might work. And it did. Now our artistic […]

      —Dr. James M., Shelton, CT

    • September 3, 2011 Wow! What a great light at the end of a bad week. We lost a huge tree which took down all of our power lines. CL&P told us that even though our entire block got their power back on Thursday afternoon we probably would not get ours back until Tuesday. Friday afternoon […]

      —Jennifer Z., Shelton, CT

    • September 1, 2011 Bruce, Thanks for the great job installing our generator on such short notice and in the face of an ongoing hurricane! The work was very professionally done under extreme circumstances. I will highly recommend CT Electrical Services to anyone in need of electrical work. Best wishes for continued success.

      —Merton S., Southbury, CT

    • August 20, 2011 Thanks again for coming out on a Saturday morning to solve my post light problem. I really appreciate your willingness to work around my schedule. You were prompt, courteous and knowledgeable and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of service provided. Thanks again.

      —John G., Beacon Falls, CT

    • June 13, 2011 We called CT Electrical Services on a Friday at about 6 P.M. We didn’t really expect a return call until possibly Saturday or more likely Monday. We were pleasantly surprised when Bruce returned our call a couple of hours later and was willing to come out on Saturday. I had gotten a […]

      —Pat H., Oxford, CT

    • May 10, 2011 Bruce I would like to send an ATTA Boy or compliment to Linc and Sean for a great job well done. These guys started the job and never stopped until the job was done. They were very professional and did a quality job. I would not hesitate to have them do any […]

      —Russ C., Naugatuck, CT

    • May 7, 2011 I recently had CT Electrical Services upgrade my electric service to 200 amps in my older ranch house. It turned out to be a great experience from start to finish. The owner, Bruce Angeloszek, calls you back promptly. The crew , Lincoln, Shawn and Nick, show up on time and do high […]

      —Bob G., Seymour, CT

    • March 17, 2011 I am pleased to provide a testimonial for the high quality of work and professionalism provided by Messrs. Chris Ney and Lincoln Reed of CT Electrical Services of Beacon Falls, Connecticut. Everything was done efficiently and the area was thoroughly cleaned afterwards. We are extremely pleased with the lighting in these areas. […]

      —Jack L., Beacon Falls, CT

    • March 16, 2011 Dear Bruce, We want to thank you for an excellent job in repairing the heating unit in our sun room. Your work was done quickly, efficiently, and both you and your assistant were courteous and a pleasure to have working for us. We would certainly recommend you and your company to other […]

      —Drs. Jerome and Dorothy S., Woodbridge, CT

    • March 14, 2011 We want to thank Bruce and his team at CT Electrical Services for the wonderful work they did installing new recessed lights and decorative sconces in our home. When first considering this project, we were concerned about the mess that drilling into walls and running new wires might entail. However, we soon […]

      —Bill and Fran M., Beacon Falls, CT

    • January 18, 2011 When searching for an electrician, don’t overlook the folks at CT Electrical Services. They are quick, courteous, professional, do the job right the first time and don’t leave a mess! What a pleasure it was dealing with them. They’ll be on my short list.

      —Heidi L., Seymour, CT

    • December 15, 2010 What? Customer Service is BACK?? I had an urgent project that needed an electrician. Unfortunately an electrician I had hired last week simply didn’t turn up. Frantic, I called CT Electrical Services. Bruce moved things around and sent two of the most professional electricians to my house the next morning. Lincoln and […]

      —Keith L., Bethany, CT

    • December 10, 2010 We have been totally pleased and happy with the expert installation of new lighting by CT Electrical Services. The lighting in our family room was updated with beautiful recessed lighting and dimmers by Bruce Angeloszek a few years ago and Chris Ney and Pat Kelly are doing wonderful work updating our kitchen […]

      —Wendy and Jon B., Monroe, CT

    • December 3, 2010 Hi Bruce, I just want to send you a quick email to say thank you for the excellent job you guys did upgrading my service. Link and Adam were very professional from the beginning and they took time to answer all of the questions that I had. They were even kind enough […]

      —Matt M., Oxford, CT

    • December 1, 2010 Hi Bruce, My husband and I were impressed with your prompt and courteous response to our phone call. We are very pleased with the electrical work you and Chris did for us. Your follow up phone call to check and see if we were satisfied with the electrical work shows the professional […]

      —Karen M., Seymour, CT

    • November 19, 2010 Hello – I wanted to drop a note and let you know how happy my husband and I are with the work provided by your company. Chris was always professional and courteous. Chris was at our house 3 times this past month and showed up each time when he said he would […]

      —Dana Y., Stratford, CT

    • October 18, 2010 We had our electrical service upgraded by Lincoln and we are just thrilled with the great job he did. We will use your company in the future and let our friends know that you will take good care of them. Thank you again for the great service. Sincerely,

      —Sonja D., Enfield, CT

    • October 15, 2010 Hi Bruce, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased my husband and I are with the work that Lincoln did replacing our ceiling fan. Lincoln was very professional and courteous– he took the time to explain everything to us, answer questions, etc. He was very friendly and […]

      —Elizabeth D., Prospect, CT

    • September 17, 2010 Mr. Angeloszek: Chris Ney performed work for us yesterday and today and did a great job. He represents your company well. We’ll be calling you again if we need electrical services.

      —Barry B., Norwalk, CT

    • September 17, 2010 Bruce- I am writing to thank your team of Adam & Lincoln for a quick professional installation at my home today. The guys were great to work with, very communicative and respectful of the environment in which they worked. I would not hesitate to use your company in the future.

      —Jerry M., Milford, CT

    • Best service I have seen! Great! – September 16, 2010 I was extremely impressed with the efficient service and professionalism provided by Bruce Angeloszek. He came on time to an appointment (unusual for an electrician). Mr. Angeloszek quickly figured out the problem and solved it. He is pleasant as well! I would highly recommend him!

      —Jack L., Hamden, CT

      CT Electrical Services

    • Letter from St. Paul’s Child Development Center, Bridgeport, CT – August 31, 2010 Dear Bruce, On behalf of St. Paul’s Child Development Center I would like to thank you so much for the major electrical work that was done at our school during the week of August 16, 2010. The job involved some urgency on […]

      —Barbara Leoncini, School Administrator

    • Unheard-of Client Support – August 13, 2010 Still stunned by the thoroughly professional, prompt, astonishingly courteous, clean work and turnaround time of CT Electrical Services. For a first-time home buyer, it was daunting just to find a contractor who wouldn’t immediately rip me off with one look at my I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing expression, let alone a can-do […]

      —Diana C., Kent, CT

    • April 9, 2010 My husband and I are very happy with the work performed and the promptness of your company.  I will definitely hire your services again for any of my future electrical needs.

      —Carol C., North Haven, CT

    • Excellent Job – March 15, 2010 For the first time as homeowners we had to hire an electrician. My husband and I were nervous about this because there are some pretty bad horror stories out there about people who come out to your home to do work. But I knew just by the way Bruce […]

      —Mike and Sheryl B., Ansonia, CT

    • I stopped looking for an electrician… March 9, 2010 Bruce has been doing our residential electrical work for many years. He is so knowledgeable and competent that we have never looked for an electrician closer to home. Bruce has always been there in times of emergency and has worked us into his schedule for the […]

      —Richard and Francoise J., Westport, CT

    • Great Work!  February 27, 2010 Excellent experience! When I called I thought I would have to wait a while to have the job done, but Bruce was at our house the very next day and the service was completed by the end of the week. MUCH faster than we ever expected. Pricing was also exactly […]

      —Kristin H., Naugatuck, CT

    • Bruce has performed several projects for me over the last eight years. The largest was a complete overhaul and update of the electrical system in a circa 1957 ranch. The workmanship reflected a responsible and skilled craftsman who takes his vocation quite seriously. The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Everything worked […]

      —Stuart M., Bethany, CT

    • Thank you for your great work Bruce. we needed immediate attention and electrical support for basement systems sump pumps, you responded quickly and professionally. “A pleasure to work with”

      —Marcy Neff, Stamford, CT

    • One of, if not the best tradesman I have ever worked with (I have owned four houses over 30 years and done major renovations on all of them).  Pricing is clear and fair.  Work is excellent quality.  All of that and incredibly, Bruce comes when he says he will and finishes within the time frame he […]

      —Bob C., Stamford, CT

    • During the recent several weeks, we have had numerous occasions to engage the services of electrical contractor Bruce Angeloszek. We are pleased that Mr. Angeloszek has always returned calls promptly, has shown up when expected, has been most gracious, courteous and friendly, and has accomplished all work efficiently and effectively. We are happy to recommend […]

      —Dr. and Mrs. Michael K., Woodbridge, CT

    • Bruce Angeloszek has been our electrician for 14 years. He has performed a wide variety of large and small jobs on our home and has done excellent work on all of them. He is skilled, reliable, trustworthy and friendly. We have recommended him to our friends, who have also been very happy with his work. […]

      —Earl and Marie, Woodbridge, CT

    • Bruce has worked for us and our clients on many projects for years. It’s not the work that makes Bruce superb, although the work is excellent. It’s the attitude, thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and pleasure you get when working with Bruce that makes him one anyone would call back forever. He’s a gentleman and a craftsman in […]

      —Larry Janesky, President, Basement Systems Inc.

    • Finally, I would like to address the electrical contractor you directed to repair the broken heaters. Bruce Angeloszek performed beyond even my expectations and it takes a flawless performance to score an unequivocal “outstanding” from me. I set my own standards very high so I recognize when I have received outstanding service.

      —William J., Norwalk, CT

    • Just a note to tell you how happy we were with your services provided February 2009. Initially Basement Systems provided your name to connect our new sump pump for their WaterGuard system. In addition to this you also provided new lights, heating, and outlets. You were very helpful and pleasant while also being mindful of […]

      —Cyndianne G., Westport, CT

    • We have used CT Electrical Services on a regular basis as a subcontractor in the HVAC industry. They have been the most professional and conscientious electrical contracting firm we have ever used.

      —Thomas Muggeo, GM A.E. Olsen Co. Inc., Southbury, CT

    • I highly recommend using Bruce Angeloszek’s services as: I don’t know electricity, its boundaries, how to hook up service, and its complexities so I depended on the expertise of Bruce’s training and experience. I looked to Bruce to make recommendations where necessary, where I wouldn’t know or think about a need. When he saw a […]

      —Stephanie L., Bolton, CT

    • Are you the kind of customer who likes things done the right way or the wrong way? Yes, shortcuts often make you seem like you are saving money but how many times have you had to have someone come back and redo a job that wasn’t well thought out? Did you end up spending more […]

      —Stephen S., Weston, CT

    • CT Electrical has done exceptional work for me. They are always conscientious, safety oriented, and always look for the best value for their clients. In addition, I have found that the use of new technologies have led to cost saving solutions for an array of electrical issues. I highly recommend CT Electrical for all of […]

      —Mike C., Milford, CT

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Interested portable generators, whole house stand-by systems, and solar generators? Click on the links below to learn more:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Backup power: Is your house ready for the next storm?

Solar power –even when the power grid goes down

What you should know about backup power systems, generators, and portables generators

Generac 20k

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Bruce Angeloszek ‘Owner” is involved on ever project. CT Electrical Services represents market presence proven skills, and expertise of the Electrical, Generator, and Solar PV System industry since 1994. Our strength lies in the ability to provide a “one-stop” source for your electrical, Solar PV, and Generator needs– eliminating the need to deal with multiple contractors. CT Electrical Services is a factory-authorized Generac warranty technician, certified dealer, and trained in the proper application, installation, and service of all Generac automatic standby generators, assuring you the highest quality service and support for your generator, CT Electrical Services is approved by the State of Connecticut (CEFIA) to receive rebates for Solar PV Systems with over 60 residential installs.

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In keeping with my core philosophy of integrity and courtesy in all of my business dealings, my goal is to provide  customers with  authentic experiences, solutions, and services. A visit to my testimonials page should confirm my unwavering commitment to that philosophy. I intend to make every customer a customer for life and consider every customer a neighbor.

My services include, but are not limited to:


My industry credentials and certifications include:

  • CT Dept. of Consumer Protection Electrical Contractors E-1 License #00123626
  • CT Dept. of Consumer Protection Home Improvement Contractor – HIC.0604491
  • Generac generator factory certified technician with air cooled and liquid cooled training
  • Generac generator Elite certified dealer
  • Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) Approved Contractor
  • NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer
  • NABCEP Certified Technical Sales


News reports daily indicate that the cost of traditional energy sources (oil, gas, and electric) are projected to rise continually (and potentially rapidly, with little or no warning) due to our reliance on foreign energy sources in an increasingly unstable world. Continued reliance on traditional energy sources leaves you, your family, and your business vulnerable to these economic forces and instabilities.

Whatever your motivation may be for considering renewable or “green” energy solutions – whether it be to reduce your carbon footprint to help preserve clean air and water for future generations, or to simply reduce your reliance on the “grid” for the physical and economic well-being of yourself, your family, or your business – we can provide custom-designed solutions that will achieve or surpass your goals.

Bruce is well-versed in the many financing and lease programs available, as well as tax deductions that can help make these solutions affordable for your home or business. Call Bruce today for a  consultation at (203) 723-9052, or visit us on the Web at,, or


CT Energy Services - Beacon Falls, CT 06403 Phone: 203-723-9052
Our license # is 00123626. This is an Electrical Unlimited Contractors E-1 license from the State of CT Dept. of Consumer Protection.