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SOLAR P.V. step by step

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PV 101: Learning about Solar Photovoltaics

Solar power is all around us. The sun may be 93 million miles away, but its radiant energy still has the power to melt snow, burn our skin, generate hurricanes and help plants convert carbon dioxide into organic compounds. Photovoltaic (PV) technology is another excellent example of the sun’s energy. PV technology can help families and businesses dramatically reduce their electrical expenses, while also helping to preserve our planet by reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Electrons are the only moving parts in a PV panel

Solar panels that heat water or an antifreeze solution are called “solar thermal” panels. Solar panels that generate electricity are called “photovoltaic” or PV panels. A PV panel is made up of solar cells. When photons (radiant energy from the sun) are absorbed by solar cells, electrons are released, creating an electrical charge. This current is captured in the panel as direct current, or DC.


 Drawing courtesy of Strata Solar


Solar electricity can be used at home, stored or sold to the power company

So what happens to solar electricity once it’s generated? Direct current flows to an inverter where it’s converted to alternating current (AC), for use in powering home appliances, lights, laptops and other electrical devices. If the amount of available PV power exceeds the amount of current that’s needed on the property, this excess electricity is sold to the power company, enabling you to get a credit on your electric bill.

Most homes and businesses that install PV systems elect to remain connected to the electric utility grid. However, PV technology can also be combined with an electrical generator and battery backup to create “off-the-grid” capability so that your house can keep working when there’s a power outage. In a PV system with battery backup, extra solar electricity is used to keep a bank of special deep-cycle batteries charged up, so that the batteries can power electrical devices when the sun’s not available.

PV panels can be installed anywhere the sun shines

The most common type of PV panel is about 3ft. x 5ft. in size, with an aluminum frame and a clear glass cover that protects the solar cells. A typical residential PV system will have anywhere from 20-40 panels that are connected to each other and supported by a special bracket and rail system. A PV “array” or installation can be located on the roof of a building, or on the ground. Deciding what type of installation is best depends on the size, orientation and condition of the roof, and on what solar exposure is available on the property. Sometimes it’s necessary to trim or remove trees in order to ensure maximum solar exposure.

Ground Installation

Chanler project New Canaan CT Largest in the State

Roof Installation

Redding CT

Neil Mulhern
Work Completed Date:
February 22, 2012
Hire Again:
Description Of Work:
Bruce Angeloszek, the owner of CT electric, installed PV solar panels and battery back up generator. Also, staged for solar thermal installation.
Bruce Angeloszek was professional and did excellent work. He explained everything in detail along with Erik Anderson, one of his employees. The system is working beautifully. Bruce is very responsive with any issues or questions – we were never left “hanging” even if it was a Saturday or Sunday. He answers all calls promptly and resolves issues. He is honest and a pleasure to deal with.

Pole Mount Installation


The testimonial from owner Mr. Ramiro
Dear Bruce,
I’m Glad I came and had your company install my solar pv system, after exploring and dealing with the largest installer sales men. All they had time for was “when was i going to sign the contract”…?
You know Bruce, this took me about one year in research and trying to understand how solar pv works, brands of panels, inverters, how and where to install these solar panels, and how the State of Connecticut incentives and federal incentives work. there are tons of information out there NO ONE to explain it to you, NO ONE to call and ask. The solar contractors I contacted just wanted the contract signed. I admit I had some silly questions looking back and I know I repeated myself many times because I just didn’t grasp the answer. Your solar coordinator Erik Anderson was the key to signing with CT Electrical Services to install my solar PV station. He took the time to Answer and Explain the unknown. This Solar power isn’t stuff my wife and my kids talk about while having dinner, you know..! Solar technolies chnages and it is foriegn to us and to future customers.
The unconditional help, understanding, and letting me make , minor changes and requests as the project was in the works was veyr much appreciated. I reacall you saying “Communication is key to having a successful project and satisfied customer” The biggest request I had was moving the holes for the four poles, four feet North so they sit on the slope instead of the flat surface of the yard (DONE) and the smallest request was that bolt gets brushed wih anti seize before installatinf (DONE). Request like that I believe would NOT have been addressed with the othe solar installers, because it was not addresed in the proposal.
I can’t exspress how much I like the solar system you installed for us…until I recieved ny first utility bill of only $16.00 (distrubution customer service charge) man I LOVE IT…!
To find a contractor like you and your entire team, right here in our back yard is a huge asset.
Ill be contacting you for all of my electrical and solar jobs. Beacause you arer officially ” My Electricain”

Solar energy + energy-saving upgrades = maximum energy savings

Experience is a great teacher. At CT Solar Services, we’ve learned a great deal about what it takes to install a PV system in a wide variety of site conditions. Most people envision an array of panels on a roof when they think about a solar PV installation. We’ve mounted panels on roofs of all sizes, shapes and pitches, ranging from a small garage to a giant equestrian arena.

Here’s why we love Solar PV:

  • Free electricity when the sun is shining
  • No moving parts
  • No maintenance
  • No noise
  • No pollution
  • Net metering: The power company buys your excess power!

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